About The Resource


Support, Training and Resources - that are right for you

Bespoke support, just for you – after a discussion about what you need – The Resource will help you look at options, offer training and be with you all the way!

The Resource

1. Who is “The Resource”?

The Resource was set up in September 2014 by Ali Campbell.

Ali has 28 years of experience in children’s and youth ministry working both for the local church, regionally and nationally.  He has worked as a parish youth minister and a diocesan adviser on work with children and young people.  Ali has worked with  New Wine, Soul Survivor, Youth Work Magazine, Children’s Work Magazine, ROOTS, Children’s Society, CYM and CWR.

2. What The Resource Does

In establishing The Resource, Ali wants to support and enable the local church to flourish in its work with children and young people through offering training, mentoring for leaders, resource advice and fresh material for discipleship and mission!

Get in touch with your needs – whether that is training for volunteer youth workers, advice on employing a children’s worker, mentoring and supervision for salaried staff, advice on the best resources available for ministry with children and young people – or, you just want to talk through what you are doing . . . The Resource is here to support you.

3. Who Recommends The Resource

The Resource is brand new!  But, here is a quote from a recent training day on social media ::

“Brilliant training day – friendly, fun and informative.  Thank You.  I didn’t realise just how much I didn’t know.”

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