Joy to the World – New Wine Christmas Album

There is much more to this CD than 10 Christmas songs . . . you get all the backing tracks (if you are in a church that struggles with getting musos you can still get stuck in and sing!)  The CD also has a load of Christmas resources for you to run your own event . . . if not in time for this year then start planning now for 2011 . . . this stuff is accessed by sticking the CD into your computer, Mark Griffiths (who wrote “Detonate”, “Fusion” and “Impact” and “Dont tell cute stories – change lives” and, just last year, “One Generation from Extinction” – visit his Amazon page [here]) – this is quality stuff and all for £10.

Ok, to the songs themselves (stand out tracks) . . . track 1 is a thumping, driving version of  “O Come all ye Faithful” – which just makes you want to get on your feet . . . track 3 “Sent from Above”, a new one from Simon Parry, just gets into your head (Simon has a real gift for writing simple and catchy songs for children) track 7 “Great is He”, a straightforward refrain . . . but Nigel Hemmings enthusiastic vocals keeps the track going (with, it has to be said, some great musicianship . . . which is evident throughout the album) track 9 “Hark the Herald”, a slightly bizarre hill billy – we are off to a barn dance thing going on . . . but somehow, it worked (genius with a hint of madness) and we finish with track 10, the “Joy to the World” of the title.
On the whole this is a “good to great” album, although  sometimes the vocals struggle (especially on “O Holy Night”, but then I am comparing the vocal to Mariah Careys version!)
Well worth getting for the stand out tracks and for all the extras that come with it – will bear repeatedly listening over the Christmas period, and not just an album – but a ministry resources too.