I have collected a bunch of diverse, amusing, profound, reflective, clever, funny and off the wall “Christmas” videos . . . TWELVE in all, to reflect the 12 days of Christmas.  However, if you know of some other GREAT videos for use at Christmas (nativities, Christmas eve services, carols etc . . .  ) do ADD a link in the comments section as it would be great to have more to recommend – enjoy watching these 🙂

Number 1.

Born is the King (It’s Christmas).”  This is the video of a Christmas song from Hillsongs.  A catchy tune and a bunch of kids running wild and crazy in the woods – what more do you want?

Number 2.

Christmas in a Nutshell.” From the excellent Dan Stevers, who produces some cracking videos.  This has some nice visual gags and is an excellent animation . . . (Do visit his website, and purchase the video you want to use – it supports his ministry).

Number 3.

He Chose The Shepherds.” I have used this a fair bit over the last couple of years and, in fact, using it this year in a couple of Christmas assemblies!  If you are doing some teaching over Christmas that draws in the shepherds story, this is a great little video from “Friends and Heroes.”

Number 4.

Someone is Coming.” IF you want a bit of cosmic context, maybe use this video – from the garden of Eden to the coming of our Saviour.  It packs a lot in, but gives a great, sweeping perspective of God’s plan.

Number 5.

Retooning The Nativity.” Used this a lot.  A sparky animation, beautifully done.  With humour the video highlights the discrepancies between our “passed down” traditions about the first nativity and what the Bible actually says.

Number 6.

The Christmas Story.” Get ready to go “ooh” and “aaaah”, absolutely fantastic costumes and great storytelling from the children involved.  Beautiful.

Number 7.

Bethlehemian Rhapsody.”  Ok, this is for a bit of fun.  Listen to the re-worked lyrics, it is a bit of genius – I have found myself just watching it on repeat and smiling to myself.

Number 8.

Hallelujah” Beautifully rendered in “blender” a reflective and moving piece which is just perfect for midnight communion on Christmas Eve.  Stunning music is from Jazz trumpeter Chris Botti (who also has a fabulous Christmas album called “December“).

Number 9.

Are You Smarter Than a Fly? Episode 1 : Christmas Pudding” This is, well, pretty disgusting – but kids will love it.  A flies eye view of the birth of Christ.  Superb quality animation with these fun characters . . . .

Number 10.

The Christmas Story – The Shepherds.” I’m fixated a bit on the shepherds this year, this one is a simple animation to accompany the text being read straight from the Bible – a handy way of doing a reading within a service.

Number 11.

The First Coming.” I really like Dan Stever’s work, so this is the second one of his in this list.  Haunting and more reflective, another great one for midnight communion on Christmas Eve.  As I mentioned earlier, to support Dan – please purchase a copy from his website, the video here is a “preview only” copy.

Number 12.

Four Kinds of Christmas.” Glen Scrivener does it again.  This is very good, the contrasts bring definition and highlight the true value and meaning of Christmas.  *Santa Warning*  Watch it first, give some thought to where your kids are at with Father Christmas before watching . . . he’s not slated, but it is intimated that he isn’t real.

That is it.  A dozen great videos . . . don’t forget to comment if you have some crackers too.