The best thing we can offer others is a healthy us

The mentoring I offer is about creating a space for you to reflect on your practice, process your thoughts and help you consider ways to develop yourself and the ministry you are involved with.

Having an objective voice and a listening ear can be helpful for both professional and personal development. Sometimes I’m asked to “coach” in a particular area of ministry practice; other times I’m asked to offer spiritual direction; whatever you might call it, mentoring or coaching or external supervision – the aim remains the same, to journey with you as you explore your calling and work it out in the day to day of ministry life.

  • One Hour sessions at a frequency that suites you (Via zoom or similar).
  • Reflective Practice Tools to enhance your work.
  • Follow Up emails to each session with notes and additional material as required.

For my pricing structure and a bit more detail about how it works [read this].