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This Deserted Place

Are you ministering from a deserted and desolate place? Does it feel like nothing can grow here? Maybe God has other plans . . .... Read More

Five Years On – The Challenges remain

Five years on, the challenges remain and we need to tackle them . . . ... Read More

Five Types of Volunteer

No two youth ministers are the same, and nor are any two youth ministries . . . ... Read More

Teaching or Telling? Using our Influence

Teaching or Telling? Using our Influence. We are all doing this, we all have influence . . . ... Read More

Lead Yourself

Too often faith development becomes faith attainment . . . ... Read More

The Marks of Life

What would be the distinctive marks of Christian youth ministry . . . ... Read More


Christmas is a time of wonder – a time of sparkly lights, magical tales and festive traditions! In 2007, Joshua Bell – one of the... Read More