Sofia_LogoWatched “Sophia The First” yesterday with my daughters.  I have to say – well done Disney!  The story is about a little girl learning about being a princess (and, having two of my own, I am interested) – Sophia believes she can be and do anything, despite the expectations of some of the other characters – she is supported by her mum and dad in going for it!  In the episode we watched, only princes can enter a race on their flying horses . . . girls watch.  Not Sophia, she just goes for it!  There isn’t anything massively profound in this post – it is just good to see a bit of telly that, whilst recognizing that girls are girls – they also just love doing things and being things that can (and should be) gender neutral – in my opinion that is ANYTHING they sets their hearts on.  My daughters love being pirate / princess mash ups, they love running around like lunatics, they love adventure walks and exploring . . .

I want my amazing daughters to grown up knowing they can do and be anything they want.

There is too much “gender” politics at times in the Church, in society . . . in the literature we want our children to read . . . argh!  It does my head in.

Enough, or thi
s will turn in to a different kind of post.  That is all.  My girls rock, and they can do and be anything . . . . Lord, help me to never forget that.