A what?  A “Pecha Kucha?” Huh??  Yes, one of those . . . It is a presentation style that began in Japan and it literally means, “chatter”.  A stimulation to conversation and discussion.  Essentially, the presenter (me in this case) has 20 slides with just 20 seconds to speak to each one . . . they automatically move on to the next slide after 20 seconds so it focuses the mind!  It is the hardest thing I have ever had to prepare for, but such a great discipline.

I had the joy (terror) of delivering a Pecha Kucha at “The Conversation UK” an awesome conference in Canterbury back in February.

My theme was “Family Rhythm”.  I’m not going to explain what I did – it kind of defeats the point.  I’ve uploaded the slides, with the 20 second transitions between each one, to Youtube.  I’ve also uploaded a PDF of my script [here].

Enjoy 🙂