I came across this little ditty:

There was a Church of England meeting known to all as General Synod,
Where the members sought to discover (and agree upon) the mysterious mind of God
They met and talked endlessly, words without end
Slowly driving the rest of the church serenely round the bend

I really hope this does not describe Synod! We have listened to many words and read many words about women in the episcopate – it really is time to get this ‘done’. My prayer would be that the discussions planned take dialogue forward with genuine learning and discovery happening.

In all that has been discussed around women in ministry, those in senior church leadership positions who have changed their minds, shifted their thinking are few (if any)! It is as if you get to a certain point as a leader a you can’t learn anything new, you have to be perceived as ‘all knowing’ perish the thought there might be things we still don’t know!

Anyway, be great when Synod meets this weekend – if someone stood up and said ‘I was wrong about this’ and begins to create the space for others to say the same.

Lets have some humility and generosity – on all sides – and lets see women join men in the episcopate please.