This is probably obvious, but, keep with me . . . as I think we have not challenged ourselves enough about our wealth . . . I am on a “stipend”, which in terms of actual income is below the national average in the UK – but, I get my accomodation provided, water rates paid, council tax paid and other benefits!  Just taking my stipend – I am richer than 82% of the worlds population! 

Now, here is the killer – think about your youth group, think about pocket money or that newspaper round – imagine that – a young person gets £1000 a year pocket money / money for a paper round, stacking shelves etc.  According to Money Savings Expert that is now the average in the UK.

That young person, on pocket money, which is not to LIVE, but probably ALL disposable income to spend as they like on themselves . . . is RICHER than 36.7% of the worlds population!  Try it with your youth group – visit Who Are The Jones? and let them see for themselves . . .

The next question then is – what will you (and they) do about it?