The following, very quick summary, is based on material delivered last week in a variety of contexts.  First, to a group of school chaplains, then the day after to a group of curates, then, the day after that to a group of street pastors.  It is not a case of having nothing else to say (so I repeat myself constantly), but – the reality that what young people essentially need (from the Church, in life, in relationships, in terms of their identity and sense of self, to grow as human beings etc . . . ) – is the same as it has always been.

So, in summary, these four things:

Acceptance.  We need to accept young people as they are.  This is those in the church, not in the church, near and far, those young people who make our eyes roll and those young people who make us laugh and those young people who make us cry, this is those young people who frustrate the HECK out of us, and those who inspire us, those who . . . you get the picture, all young people.  No exceptions.  Accepted.  What we will NOT accept, however, is a view or attitude that limits, demonizes  despises, trivialises, abuses, ignores, patronizes or side lines young people.

. . . . more to follow.