I have a point of view. I think about things in a certain way; form my opinions based on my understanding of the world. So do you. So does everyone. No two points of view the same. It has been said of God though, that – unlike us, with our points of view- He has an infinite number of viewing points. Able to see everything from whatever angle or perspective or vantage point. Sees it all. See you. See me.

I don’t always like to be seen. Sometimes it is good to get away, get some space and try to find perspective. I have had some rough days in my life. One rough day I was at Soul Survivor, the summer youth festival. Surrounded by thousands I felt alone. I was in my own vacuum packed world. I was feeling pretty rubbish – I can’t remember why now – but I needed to get away. I drove off into the countryside and found a quiet lane. I drove down the lane and parked next to a broken gate which led into a field. It was getting late, the sun was going down and there was nobody about. Total stillness. I got out of the car and walked through the gate and on into the middle if the field. Then I sat down.

There is was, feeling pretty desperate and totally alone. I felt worthless, pointless, valueless. Maybe it was the crowd at Soul Survivor. So MANY
people with their interesting lives, their worlds filled with friends. Anyway, there in the field by myself I sat there and threw a ‘pity party’.

Whilst I sat there. The sun set. I looked up and there was the most glorious sky I had ever seen. It was like another world, the sky was on fire and it was incredible. I felt God nudge me. He said, ‘nobody but you is seeing this sky, from this place, this view, this sunset – is just for you’.

It might seem a small thing – but I was overwhelmed with this thought. The God of the universe who paints the sky every day – had thrown this particular view together for me. It was MY sunset. Another idiot sitting in the field next to me would have seen a different sky, a different sunset.

The God of limitless view, of unbounded sight, whose vision takes in everything that exists – had noticed me, had given me this moment in His presence and I needed to grasp the reality.

As with my sunset, there really was nobody like me. I had been known by God before the foundation of the world. He knew that one day I would be sat in a field feeling desperate.

I don’t know how you feel today – but – there is nobody like you! The life you think you should be living (if only you were someone else) is there for you to step in to. Nobody else could be you, nobody else can live your life. Nobody else will see THAT sunset, hear THAT voice or sense the presence of God like you.

You are unique, your point of view matters – your place in the grand scheme of things called this life – it matters. The God of the universe says so – in small, amazing little happenings that occur each day in your life. Go and watch a sunset, know it is just for YOU.

Live your life knowing how special and unique and loved you are.