Well – we are underway – a bit late to be blogging, but just a couple of quick reflections. 1. There are a great bunch of people here, conversation feels easy and natural – we are among friends! 2. Great reflective, and thought provoking opening sessions from Jenny Baker – a statement (a quote from a monk type dude) smacked me between the eyes ‘we get to heaven together – or not at all! – that is a serious commitment to community – but also a strong statement about our faith being more than about ‘me and God’ but a fundamental dynamic of our faith is lived out in how we do stuff, relationally with each other – what would our churches look life if we left none behind? Like the lost sheep – is one missing ‘collateral damage’ in our striving – can we build a faith community where we ALL get there . . ? Do we want to is probably more the point. 3. We had a discussion at the end of the evening (those brave souls who hung around) about the future of church and Youthwork etc – I mentioned four things I thought were key: a. Transitions – how we help children and young people ‘move’ through groups / church is vital work – we still loose a lot of them. b. Discipleship – we don’t know how to do this (at least that would be my contention) c. Church itself and denominations – do we need them? Do young people care? d. Voluntary Sector – we might be ‘last standing’ when all the cuts are done – how are we responding / reacting to the need? Great discussion round these things .

So, there you have it. Now, just got 20 minutes for a bit of CJ Sansom before sleep takes me .