I have often been asked about stats related to children’s, youth and family ministry – sometimes they are hard to find or ambiguous, or just er, made up!  So, I have pulled together what I consider to be the most reliable stuff (and these are all based on UK research).

Some of these are self explanatory, some would naturally go with others – use them, mention them, shout them from the rooftops etc.

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Why 11?  Well, there is just two much good stuff to pull out of the “Church Growth Research Programme” stuff and it is mega current information.

These I use again and again.  Often in tandem – just look at (4) and (6) together and think about it.  Consider the “50/50” chance that religious people have of passing on faith to their kids (9) and then look at (11).

I guess, the most amazing thing to me isn’t a stat.  It is that there is now so much evidence (actual bonafide, well researched and analysed data) for the significance of this ministry many of us see as a life long calling . . . yet it remains for many churches a luxury or an add on or an after thought and, if things get tight financially, the first role to be sacrificed is . . . well, you know.

The times we are in are incredibly exciting, challenging, gobsmackingly scary when we consider the now and the not yet for the church . . . but NEVER has the work of those investing in the lives of children, young people and families been more critical.