As many of you know from reading blog posts here and via my website, The Resource is just me.  I’m a self employed consultant specialising in children’s, youth and family ministry.  Here is how it works ::

1.  I write, train and support churches and faith based organisations as a freelancer.  Generally, these are short term contracts and can be sporadic – sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I’m . . . less so.

2. Which is why I am also supported through Stewardship.  I have an account with Stewardship as a ministry worker and receive regular support from a number of people which makes such a difference to our regular outgoings!  If you are one of those, thank you so much 🙂

This combination has been great, as – alongside the “paid” work, the Stewardship support enables me to dedicate some of my time to raising awareness about key ministry issues and challenges; write blog posts that I hope add value to others in ministry; and via the website and Facebook Page offer free advice and encouragement.

My circumstances, however, have recently changed.  I was working from home, out of a box room which I could just about cram myself, books, resources and a desk into – then our landlord decided to sell!  We moved at the end of May 2018 into a lovely house, which is a real blessing – but which lacks the space for my to work effectively.  The Salvation Army in Clitheroe have come to the rescue and I’m now sharing a bit of work space with them – they have been fantastic.

At some point though, over the next few months, I am going to need to find an extra £200 a month in order to start paying rent for office space.  This will make things more of a financial challenge for us but – you (or your church) could help!

You can support The Resource by giving through  You can give a “one off” gift, or a regular amount every month.  My account is at this link :: [The Resource]

If you can support this work and partner with me I would be so grateful.  If you want to know more about what I do or what kind of support would be most helpful then please drop me an email :

Thank you!