Ok, so a little announcement from me.  I’m working on a podcast!  I just wanted to give you a little heads-up that it is coming soon and to tell you a bit about what I’m planning.

+ It’s called “Pass It On”.  Why?  Well, I just want to pass stuff on, share things that add value and signpost great online content, resources, books etc.

+ It’s going to be short.  I’m aiming at 15 minutes for each episode and, initially, I’m going to release one a month.

+ It’s going to have a regular format.  I’m going to share ONE awesome quote / Bible passage and reflect on how it encourages us to all to pass stuff on.  I’m then going to share TWO resource ideas / tools followed by THREE reflective questions prompted by ONE and TWO.

I’m excited that Freestyle Records are happy for me to use some Speedometer tracks for intro music and wrapping up stuff on the Podcast.  So, enjoy that when you give the podcast a listen – I’ll mention the tracks if you particularly like them you can go and grab a listen yourself 🙂

So, I’m planning to kick off in mid September and run monthly until Christmas.  THEN, I’m after your help . . . I’d like to chat to you if you are in youth, children’s and or family ministry and have something to pass on to others – it can be a thought, what you have learnt over the years, a resource or idea for others . . . IF you want to be interviewed for the podcast at some point in 2019 – get in touch by dropping me an email to ali@theresource.org.uk