This book aims to help children draw close to God through biblical stories of night time and sleep.

What is not to love about this book?

A helpful introduction from Rachel sets the scene – encouraging us to make the book our own. This is not a “how to” manual of navigating the night time if our children struggle to sleep or are going through that traumatic stage of night terrors – rather, it gives tools for parents to engage, reflect and ask questions with their children – to journey with them through the night and, most importantly, for them to know that God is present there – just as much as in the day time.

16 stories from the Bible are skilfully retold with just the right amount of drama, suspense and awe – perfect for a shared story!

Parents can use the additional sections after each story to take things further . . . but, just simply sharing these stories and creating a rhythm and pattern of reading together creates a calming atmosphere – build a routine around story telling and sharing a night that becomes as familiar as brushing teeth and having a bath.

Get hold of this wonderful book and find comfort in the darkness – not just for your children, but maybe for you as parents too 🙂

The book is available here from BRF :