All things new.

Every term feels like a new start, but September is a big one.

New academic year, a time for fresh vision and to reimagine what is and what could be. Serving young people in ministry has a built in “conveyer belt” – they grow up and move on – so each new academic year means a bunch of new faces. Just a few new people can transform a group dynamic, depending on the size of the group and the personality of the young people.

It’s all new, buddy . . . except, there is more to it than that.

New to you, but not new to life and faith.

But new to the youth group doesn’t automatically mean new to faith. Let’s not begin again . . . each child joining the youth group brings with them their life history, their faith experience, their talents and gifting . . . are they the finished article? Nope, but then – are we? Can they join in now and make a contribution? Absolutely!

When you navigate transition this term, make sure you don’t begin again – but build on all that is already there!