Go Colour from YFC. These are brand new, having only been out since the end of October 2019. So far, there are three themed booklets : Prayer, The Lord’s Prayer and The Psalms.

They are for anyone and everyone, but might make particularly good gifts for friends and family – my own daughters are loving them.

I find “doing something” while praying incredibly helpful. I love colouring and drawing / sketching in general – something about the practice just absorbs me. So, this resource, colouring whilst having a chance to mediate and reflect on scripture – letting it soak in, is only going to enhance my prayer life.

Fantastic stuff, beautifully put together with occasional prompts for your thinking and reflection – and more are being planned. Visit the YFC website (link below) to see the range AND you can download a image below to check them out and download a FREE colouring sheet too 🙂

[Get Go Colour!]