So, sometimes I have nothing to say. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t blog about it! I am sat in the garden, it is a peaceful, still (but for the wind whispering through the trees) ‘moment’ – I am vaguely aware of children in the background somewhere – talking to each other out in the street. I can also hear, now I am trying to listen a distant plane, the cars on the road the other side of row of houses, which is the others side of the garden.

I am aware that the world around me has no need of my voice, my words, my input, my earnest theological reflection – the trees don’t care, the wind is oblivious, the cars rush by their passengers cocooned from an throng I might utter anyway!

It is good to sit and not need to say anything. I should consider this moment, remember it! When else are my words, my actions, my nervous energy in a room – when else are those things ‘not needed’ but in my insecurity I feel I HAVE to say something! Do something!

It is good to sit here and be unable (even if I felt the urge) to add anything to this picture by opening my gob, or getting up and stomping round the garden.

So, I’m just going to sit – and say and do nothing for a bit, apart from drink a cold bottle of Corona that is.